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Wings Of Fire Queen Wasp. Monarch & sequoia vs wasp: Queen sombra of the hivewings · 5/17/2020 in wof discussion.

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Monarch & sequoia vs wasp: We couldn't find the page you were looking for. 20.7k members in the wingsoffire community.

Monarch & Sequoia Vs Wasp:

This amazingly silly map is finally complete!!! She is currently a prisoner in the flamesilk. With thoughts of ways to fix the continent, wasp suggest an idea that forever change.

My First Map Is Done!

Ten years before the tree war, wasp finds herself in a society where dragons are being hurt for no reason. Clip studio paint, opentoonz\thumbnail editor: Pin by » kk « on wof wings of fire dragons, wings of.

I Just Finished An Animatic After Dropping It For A Year.

Procreate, cute cut and imovie c. The poison jungle the leafwings have been at war with the hivewings for over 50 years. She had spent most of her life being controlled by queen wasp.

The Main Antagonist Is Wasp, The.

The hivewing, and blue the silkwing, for example. She was an adult female icewing dragon who possessed animus power and was the ruler of the icewing tribe two thousand. Mantis is an adult female hivewing who was mentioned in the hive queen.

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Part 10 is supposed to be credited to erika castillo, not daftbluethank you to everyone for working with my weirdness as well as the eyeba. We couldn't find the page you were looking for. (not to be confused with jewel, one of clearsight's dragonets in a possible timeline) jewel is an adult female hivewing who was introduced in the hive queen.