Was Sammy Davis Jr A Satanist

Was Sammy Davis Jr A Satanist. Christmas is a big deal for a lot of people. Kait8 reported that sammy davis jr.

Horns Up! 10 Musicians Who Were Bizarrely Accused of Satanism NME from www.nme.com

Tales of the crooner’s induction into the church of satan have persisted over the years. And the church of satan. Sammy davis junior with anton lavey, california, 1960s.

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Davis was confident though that human sacrifice was not on the menu that evening. Was a singer who was best known as one of the most beloved members of the rat pack in the 1950s, but he had a devilish side to him that most of his fans would be shocked. Christmas is a big deal for a lot of people.

Rumor Has It That The Late Singer, Actor, And Comedian Sammy Davis Jr.

Grew up a christian, and then became jewish by choice, then later a satanist. There is a photograph of sammy davis, jr. Reportedly dabbled in satanism, having attended gatherings hosted by the church of satan.

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By way of a 1968 satanic orgy. He joined the church of satan at one point. Was the celebrity satanic evangelist for anton lavey’s.

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According to reports sammy davis jr. Among his followers were, frank sinatra, marilyn monroe, (was a participant in lavey’s satanic rituals before lavey founded. Wearing a baphomet and apparently.

Sammy Davis Junior With Anton Lavey, California, 1960S.

Sammy davis junior was a member. Five years later, davis starred in a failed. In an advanced excerpt from his 1980 memoir hollywood in a suitcase.