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The Voice On The Other Side Destiny 2. Now you will have to use the spores, after that you will have to battle the locus of communion. How to start quest the voice on the other side destiny 2:

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It says i need season 13 which is not. “the voice on the other side” is an exotic quest that sends you in search of a distress signal and later reporting to zavala when everything is done. Blast your way through the hallway to its end and you'll exit outside, but this time, onto a pair of landing pads.

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The mission is part of the voice on the other side, a quest which culminates in dead man's tale, a new exotic scout rifle, as the reward. When that happens, it is highly suggested. Completing this quest awards the player the bad juju exotic.

Blast Your Way Through The Hallway To Its End And You'll Exit Outside, But This Time, Onto A Pair Of Landing Pads.

According to what i've read online you need a nightfall version of the strike. Just a quick video showing how to start the new exotic quest presage / the voice on the other side. The voice on the other side — step 2 return to zavala in the tower.

Here Is How You Can Obtain The Quest To Earn The Dead Man's Tale Scout Rifle In Destiny 2. is the internet home for bungie, the developer of destiny, halo, myth, oni, and marathon, and the only place with official bungie info straight from the developers. Destiny 2's presage is a mission introduced in february 2021 for season of the chosen season pass holders. Destiny 2 the voice on the other side 224 views feb 20, 2021 2 dislike share save garin namikaze 32 subscribers the full playthrough of the exotic questline.

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Solo flawless guide for “the other side” hello everyone! 1 1 katberryblu the voice on the other side quest so, i wasn't able to do this quest line in season 13, because when i started playing destiny it was about a week until the next season,. How to start quest the voice on the other side destiny 2:

Now You Will Have To Use The Spores, After That You Will Have To Battle The Locus Of Communion.

The other side is a secret exotic quest found in the tribute hall aboard the leviathan when the player places a total of 18 tributes. For those of you still hunting for your tributes to get bad juju, here’s a guide for the extra 200 point triumph “only the essentials”. I went to zavala and there is no quest pop up for.