How To Make A Spell Jar

How To Make A Spell Jar. Make a sigil or write it down on a little piece of paper. Top the jar off with your simple sugar, then seal.

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Well, it really depends on the kind of spell you wish to cast. Arrange everything into the jar until you’re happy with how it looks. There are two ways to finish this spell:

The Exact Amount Of Sugar To Be Used Is Determined By You.

Lavender, black obsidian, rosemary, amethyst, frankincense, hawaiian black salt. Cork or lid the bottle/jar. After all the ingredients are inside the spell jar, pour out the remaining white sugar into the jar.

Open The Jar Of Honey, Add Your Slip Of Paper As Well As Any Herbs You’re Using Into The Jar.

Pour in the olive oil or other carrier oil. (i have a guide if you want to start there). Add your sigil to the jar, folded as small as possible.

Light Your Candle And Seal The Jar With Pink Wax.

#5 fill your cleansed jar with the chosen ingredients, including your intention paper. Look up the meanings of herbs, crystals and oils and select some that fit your. Visualize money flowing to you freely throughout the process.

You Can Either Seal The Jar, Or Leave It Open.

If you’re using thick honey, you might need to push it down into the jar. Put the rose petals and hibiscus petals in your spell jar. Make sure it’s on tight.

Fill The Jar With Smoke.

Write the names of the people you’re promoting harmony in. In doing this, the spell jar will be completed and the energy will be. Seal the jar with a bit of candle wax.